templeofatem logoTemple of Atem is currently accepting applications for membership. We are the ONLY public online Daemonolatry temple recognized by the GenDem Group as a Traditional Daemonolatry Sect.  Even though our name suggests a Khemetic link (due to our origins and founders), our members may or may not be Khemetic Daemonolaters. This temple is ran by members of TTS, OTH, and OFS. All of those who wish to seek membership will be required to fill out an application, complete pre-initiate training, and take a formal distance initiation. Once these steps are complete you will have access to all temple services, rites, and forums.

We have been slow to process applications lately but are working to rectifying this.

OUR MISSION: We exist to give serious Daemonolaters a safe haven in which to practice, share, and grow in their spirituality, without all the ego, pomp and romp so common in online groups. Our members have access to discounted classes, special educational materials only available to members of Daemonolatry sects, access to clergy for counseling and/or sacred rites, the potential for 12 step recovery groups, access to distance rites free of charge, access to members only events, and the potential for being invited into specialized groups (Orders) aligned with your area of practice.

PRIESTHOOD: We do not currently offer clergy training. In order to train for clergy, members must still be invited into the Orders that do provide specific training for the type of priesthood one is interested in.

Please see our FAQ for answers to the most common questions we get. If you have questions, feel free to temporarily contact HP Julie at TempleofAtem@gmail.com

Watch this site for updates!

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